With Nevada Caucuses In Sight Dems Chose To Attack Micheal Bloomberg And His $400 Billion Marketing Machine

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Dems are battling among themselves in advance of the Nevada caucuses on Saturday and the South Carolina primary on Feb. 29. They decided to aim their arrows at Micheal Bloomberg who has spiked in recent polls.

Rivaling Dems argued that Dem Presidential candidate Micheal Bloomberg does not have a place in the already jam-packed presidential primary field. He would not ‘deserve it’ because his Republican past, his comments about policing, and off course Bloomberg’s views on woman and race. Bloomberg’s massive $400 million advertising machine made Bloomberg”s standing in the polls spike in recent weeks, putting the Presidential candidate close to the rest of the Dem front runners.

Bernie Sanders said, that ‘Mayor Bloomberg, with all his money, will not create the kind of excitement and energy we need to have the voter turnout we must have to defeat Donald Trump’. Sanders is probably right about that.

Dem Joe Biden was more positive towards Bloomberg’s record on issues like gun control, calling him a “real ally” of President Barack Obama on that issue. What a surprise.


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