Vietnam Quarantines 10.000 People, First Big Quarantine Outside of China Because of Coronavirus

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More than 10.000 people in the Son Loi district in Vietnam, near the capital Hanoi, have been quarantined as of Thursday because of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Six cases of the coronavirus have been discovered in the area, the local authorities report. Son Loi consists of several small villages. The people are not allowed in or out of the area indefinitely.

Police wearing face masks, are guarding checkpoints around Son Loi. The villagers have to be in quarantine for 20 days. “As of February 13, we will urgently implement the task of isolation and quarantine of the epidemic area in Son Loi commune,” said a health ministry statement.

The Vietnamese authorities have set up checkpoints. Vehicles in Son Loi have also been sprayed with a specific substance to prevent further contamination. The people in Son Loi are provided with their daily necessities, such as food and drink.

There are a total of 16 confirmed cases in the whole of Vietnam. Vietnam had already suspended flights from and to China from February 1st to April 30th.

Just yesterday, the WHO said the numbers of new infections with the coronavirus stabilized. However, today China confirmed 14.840 new cases and 242 new deaths in Hubei alone.


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