Seven Of Nine’s Tragic Story In Star Trek: Picard

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Trekkies were happy to hear that Jeri Ryan would return as Seven of Nine, a fan-favorite hero. Her story in Star Trek: Picard is sad and tragic and leaves fans with more questions than answers.

Seven is a recovered Borg who was assimilated when she was a child named Annika Hansen. Seven of Nine has never interacted with the characters from the other Star Trek series, so a team between Seven of Nine and Picard, who was once Locutus of Borg, is certainly a Star Trek fan’s dream come true.

In Star Trek: Voyager, Seven was lost in the Delta Quadrant, the region of the galaxy where the cyborg race originated. Seven eventually returned to Earth with Janeway’s ship in Star Trek: Voyager’s finale, “Endgame”, which was also the last time Seven of Nine was seen in the Star Trek canon.

In Star Trek: Picard Episode 4, “Absolute Candor”, Seven organized a surprise rescue of Picard and beamed aboard his new ship, the Sirena, but fans didn’t learn anything about what she did after the end of Voyager until Episode 5, “Stardust City Rag”: In the years following the Romulan supernova, Seven of Nine left Earth to join the Fenris Rangers, a vigilante group that patrols Romulan space to help those in need.

Star Trek: Picard did not explain what happened to Seven’s relationship with Chakotay, other than the fact that it is obviously over. It is also sad that Seven, who is still struggling to affirm her lost humanity, did not stay in Starfleet with her friends from Voyager and found no living happiness on Earth.

Picard (and Starfleet) frown upon the Rangers for their “lawlessness” and for posing as “judge, jury, and executioner,” but as Seven explained her side of things after Picard left Starfleet and “abandoned” when the Federation turned its back on the evacuation of the Romulans, the Neutral Zone collapsed and the Beta Quadrant plunged into chaos. The Romulan Star Empire was no more and the Rangers, based on the planet Fenris, took over to help keep the peace of the Romulan warlords who were being born into the star system. Seven of Nine has become a galactic action hero.

In 2386, shortly after becoming a Fenris Ranger under her human name, Annika was deceived by a crime lord named Bjayzl (Necar Zadegan), who wanted to harvest her Borg implants. Bjayzl kidnapped Icheb (Casey King), Seven’s surrogate son, who was also a recovered Borg featured in Star Trek: Voyager, and stole his technology. Seven killed Icheb out of pity and swore revenge on Bjayzl, whom she finally demanded in “Stardust City Rag” by disintegrating the criminal with phaser rifles at close range.

It is disappointing that Seven of Nine’s life was plunged into violence and pain in the decades following Voyager’s return to Earth, to the point where she became a cold-blooded killer.

Seven may have been forced to leave the Federation after the ban on artificial life forms because much of her body still contains Borg implants. Thus, Seven returned to space with the intention of helping those in need after the Romulan supernova but settled into the “desperate, useless and exhausting” life of a vigilante, in Seven’s own words.

Many Star Trek fans had higher hopes for Seven of Nine, so it’s sad to see the tragic turning point in her life. If and when Seven of Nine returns to Star Trek: Picard fans hope she will reveal some details about what happened to the Voyager crew after Endgame, part two.


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