Pro-Democrats Headed For Massive Victory in Hong Kong

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The pro-democrats are heading for a major victory in Hong Kong. There are still a lot votes to be counted, but so far the pro-democracy side has achieved 90% of the seats.

Elections for the district council in Hong Kong are normally not very exciting, but this time they are a kind of referendum on the uprising against Chinese influence. The first counts of the votes show that the pro-democracy will achieve a spectacular victory. Now they can’t ignore us.

It is almost impossible for the pro-Chinese government to maintain its majority of 298 seats. This is a brutal blow to the highest boss of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam. With this result, Hongkongers are also sending out a clear signal to the central government in Beijing.

The demonstrators followed the results with tension until late in the night. The serious defeat of the pro-China camp is a sign for them that the majority of Hong Kong supports their several months of protests.

Face masks and Molotov cocktails were left home during the voting for the district council on Sunday. In the run-up to the elections, demonstrators called on each other not to riot and instead to fight the establishment with a pencil and a ballot paper. Operation Glory, as they called it, could hardly have been carried out more successfully.

No pro-democrat ever thought of not voting. Record after record was broken with the district elections on Sunday. A total of 2.85 million people voted, compared to 2.2 million in the 2016 Hong Kong Parliament elections. Also, yesterday’s 71.2% election achieved the highest turnout since 1997. Back when Hong Kong was handed over to China by the British. But only on the condition that the city would be able to govern itself for 50 years.


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