President Trump Will Propose $4.8 Trillion Budget For 2021 On Monday

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U.S. President Donald Trump will present his budget roadmap for 2021 on Monday. The President foresees a global envelope of approximately 4.8 trillion.

As the President had been saying for some time, military spending would rise sharply. On the authority of senior government officials, the newspaper Wall Street Journal wrote that spending on Defense will increase by 0.3 percent to about $740.5 billion. The president wants to spend less money on climate goals, slashing the Environmental Protection Agency by 26 percent. The President also wants to drastically cut the budget for foreign development aid.


Space agency Nasa gets twelve percent more. President Trump wants another American astronaut to land on the moon in 2024.

US-Mexico border wall

President Trump also is expected to request $2 billion to spend on the US-Mexico border wall, boost spending for NASA by 12 percent while slashing the Environmental Protection Agency by 26 percent.


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