President Trump Wants 42 Billion For Nuclear Armament

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President Donald Trump makes sure the US is stepping up the arms race with China and Russia. In the budget proposal for 2021 that the President released, a total of 46 billion dollars would be released for nuclear weapons programs.

The showpiece appears to be a new nuclear warhead that can be fired from a submarine: the W93, developed by the National Nuclear Security Administration. The new W93 would not go into production until 2034. Another new warhead to be developed was the 87-1: a new version of a 40-year-old thermonuclear weapon for rockets launched from land. Production would start in 2030. Funds will also go to medium-range missiles and hypersonic weapons. For the latter, 3.2 billion dollars worth has been earmarked, a quarter more than last year. These weapons follow an unpredictable path and go at lightning speed, making them more difficult to repel.


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