President Trump Meets Turkish President Today, Patience With Erdogan is At an End

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Turkish President Erdogan is in the United States for a meeting with President Donald Trump. According to the Turkish media, the visit will mainly focus on the fight against terrorism. Erdogan said that his main agenda item is the extradition of Fethullah Gülen. Gülen and his eponymous movement are held responsible by Turkey for the failed coup of 2016.


Behind the scenes, it will mainly be about the various sanctions that are hanging over Turkey. President Trump has not yet imposed all the legally required sanctions for the purchase by Turkey of the Russian S-400 missile system. President Trump is said to have written a new letter about this to Erdogan, offering Turkey a way out. If the country does not activate the rocket system and allows American inspections, it would not only avoid sanctions, but it would also be allowed to return to the F-35 program and buy the fighter planes. Erdogan has ignored the offer. Robert O’Brien, Trump national security adviser, reiterated last Sunday that Turkey can expect sanctions if it maintains the missile system.

There are plans to curtail the financial, technical and material assistance to the Turkish army. Other possible sanctions include cancelling arms deliveries to Turkey if these prove to be usable in Syria.

In addition, legal proceedings are ongoing against the Turkish State Bank Halkbank. Between 2012 and 2016, the bank facilitated the so-called gas-for-gold agreements between Iran and Turkey, despite the sanctions against Iran in force at the time.


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