President Trump Keeping His Promise Trump Administration Transfers $3.8B From Military To Fund U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

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The President Trump administration is transferring $3.8 billion in recently passed military funding to finance the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Defense Minister Mark Esper approved the Department of Homeland Security’s $3.8 billion border wall request. The Pentagon acknowledged that more cuts might come to provide additional funding for the wall. Last month, the Pentagon received a request from the Trump board to build roughly 270 miles of wall on the border, which would have cost about $5.5 billion. President Trump has vowed to build at least 400 miles of the wall along the border by Nov 2020. Trump’s strict, effective immigration policy, especially for immigrants crossing Mexico’s southern border, is a signature of his political campaign and first term in the White House. It seems like President Trump is keeping that promise.


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