President Trump Accuses Dems Of Endangering US Constitution

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A few days before a keep America great rally scheduled in Virginia on Monday to denounce a local bill tightening gun control, Donald Trump threw oil on the fire by accusing the Democrats behind the text of endangering the United States constitution.

Trump tweeted Friday night, referring to the part of the Constitution that guarantees every American the right to own and carry a gun. “Your Second Amendment is under very serious attack by the Great Commonwealth of Virginia,” President Trump said and he continued “This is what happens when you vote for the Democrats. They take your guns away from you.”

In the 2016 presidential election, Virginia voted for Hillary and Dems took control of the entire local legislature, including the campaign for stronger arms control, in the November 2018 by-election. Virginia’s Senate passed several bills on Thursday evening that would introduce systematic background checks before each sale, limit the purchase of arms to one acquisition per month and restore local authorities’ right to ban weapons in public places. The two legislative chambers of the state are also preparing the adoption of a series of new laws prohibiting assault rifles or introducing the possibility of removing a weapon from a person considered dangerous to the community.


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