Police Officer in Hong Kong Shot in Leg With Arrow

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During protests in Hong Kong, a police officer was hit in his leg by an arrow. It was shot by a demonstrator. Demonstrators had also built large catapults with which they fired petrol bombs. The security forces fired tear gas, rubber bullets and a water cannon at the demonstrators.

The protests have mainly been held around the Hong Kong Polytechnic University of Technology, also known as PolyU. They decided last week that, for safety reasons, no more lectures would be given and that the semester would be terminated prematurely.

A lot of protests are expected in the coming days as well. That is why schools, universities and kindergartens will remain closed on Monday.

The protests in Hong Kong have escalated in recent times. This week there was a death. The demonstrations are directed against the increasing influence of Beijing on the relatively free life in the city-state.


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