Rugby Beluga Appears To be Russian ‘Spy-Dolphin’ From Hammerfest?

Chances are great that you saw the remarkable video of the beluga that had a special encounter with a group of South African rugby lovers in the North Pole. The video was watched tens of millions of times on social media. The beluga, which was shown on the internet last week, turns out to be the mysterious Hvaldimir, claims the Norwegian Orca Survey from HuffPost.


Skulls Pierced With Tear Gas Grenades During Protests in Iraq

Iraqi defence forces killed four people on Thursday during charges in the centre of the capital Badgad. Three of the victims died after tear gas grenades pierced their skulls. Amnesty International revealed earlier this month that tear gas grenades had also cost the lives of five other Iraqi. The Baghdad police are said to have ¨used tear gas grenades that have not previously been used in Iraq.¨