New Iowa Caucus Survey: Biden In Free Fall! Loses 11.3% In 3 Days!

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An Iowa Democrats poll shows former VP Joe Biden in free fall. Prior to the debate, Biden was leading the polls with 30.1%. Only three days later, Biden polls 19.8%, a massive 11.3% drop in just three days!

Breitbart managed to obtain the survey, conducted by Rick Shaftan of Neighborhood Research and Media, before the public release. Biden still leads the polls, narrowly beating Buttigieg (17.3%) and Warren (15.7%).

“The following are the results of a survey of 300 Iowa Democrats who said their chances of voting in the February 3 Democratic Presidential Caucus were “definite” or “very likely.””

Up until this point, slip-ups haven’t hurt Biden very much in the polls, he’s scored around thirty percent for months now. One of the reasons for this is the broad support among the black Democratic voters, who see him mainly as the man who stood by the former President Obama for eight years.

President Trump Up by 1.8%

“Also interestingly, the survey found that President Donald Trump—the incumbent Republican president seeking re-election against whomever Democrats nominate—got 4.7 percent of support overall in the survey of very likely and definite Iowa Democrat caucus-goers. Trump’s support among Iowa Democrats was down at 2.9 percent the night before the last Democrat debate, but spiked up to 5.6 percent in the three days following the debate. Trump won Iowa in 2016 against Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, flipping the Hawkeye State red for the first time in eight years and taking its six electoral votes on his way to victory.”


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