More Cancellations For The Mobile World Congress In Barcelona Due To Coronavirus

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More and more large technology companies decide not to go to the largest smartphone fair in the world, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, because of fear of the coronavirus.

Amazon had already deregistered for the fair on Sunday. The company wanted to show its cloud department, Amazon Web Services, to the world. Sony did not show up either, the company would present a new Xperia smartphone in Barcelona. This is now happening via YouTube, company representatives announced on Monday. The South Korean electronics manufacturer LG, the Swedish 5G developer Ericsson and the American chipmaker Nvidia had previously announced that they would skip the fair for a year.

Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE do go to the fair. Chinese employees have been sent to Europe in advance and have been quarantined. European employees of those companies are ready to be flown in if necessary.

People from the city of Wuhan and surroundings, where the corona outbreak started and is still raging, are not welcome. People from the rest of China have to prove that they haven’t been to China in the two weeks before the congress. The temperature is measured with visitors.

The Mobile World Congress is very important for large tech companies. This year, the congress will focus on 5G internet, artificial intelligence, smart devices, and big data.


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