London Police Shot a Man Dead Reportedly Wearing a Bomb Vest

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A brutal stabbing incident today in London at London bridge by a man who reportedly wore a bomb vest. The area around the bridge is now closed and emergency services are present. All witnesses have been evacuated from the scene, and have been told to stay inside.

One witness said: “I was just walking along the bridge and I heard four or five shots from behind me.” She continued, “I just ran. I didn’t even look back. I’ve no idea if it was police or not. I was terrified.”

Another shocked witness told The Sun Online that the man on the bridge appeared to be wearing a suicide vest.

BBC reporter John McManus was on the scene and said: “Just a few minutes ago, I was walking up from the South Bank to the North Bank, there appeared to be a fight going on on the other side of the bridge. “Several men attacking one man. Police then quickly arrived, including armed police, a number of shots were fired at this man.”

“Police have now cleared the bridge, everybody has been told to move back. I’m now on the other side of the bridge but there were more shots going on.”

Video footage on social media shows that there are many heavily armed police on the London bridge.

The police reported the incident on Twitter in an official statement:


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