Leaked Military Document Reveals That Brazil’s Military Elite Sees France as Country’s Biggest Threat in the Next 20 Years

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A Brazilian leaked military document published on Friday in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo shows that the highest ranks and positions of Brazil’s military elite believe that France could become the biggest threat to the country in the next 20 years, due to a possible dispute over the Amazon.

It probably stems Macron suggesting the internationalization of the Amazon in the face of the region’s fire crisis. The 45-page document, called “Defence Scenarios 2040”, was based on interviews with 500 senior army officers, who listed their main concerns and predictions in individual interviews. According to the leaked report, France could invade the Amazon regions in 2035. The document also forecasts the installation of American bases in Brazil and a coronavirus attack against Rock in Rio in 2039.

The French embassy in Brasilia responded jokingly in a tweet. They “saluted” its “limitless imagination.”


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