Kidney Patient Furious Because He Can’t Bring His Life-Size President Trump Figure To His Dialysis Treatment

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Nelson Gibson from Florida brought a life-size cardboard figure of his President Donald J. Trump to his dialysis treatment to make himself comfortable, but now it’s not allowed. Gibson is furious.

The treatments that Gibson undergoes take over three hours and no family members can be present. A life-size cardboard figure of his President would bring relief. “It feels like taking something from home that makes you feel better,” Gibson told the local television station WPBT.

During the treatments he took a small cardboard cut-out with Trump on it. According to the American, no one complained about that. When on a Saturday he took a life-size cardboard figure of Trump to assist him during the dialysis treatment, complaints were again absent. When he returned the next Tuesday with his presidential cut-out of Trump, things went wrong.

“They said we’re not at a Trump meeting and it was getting too much,” Gibson told the WPBT. Son Eric asked the clinic why his father couldn’t bring his life-sized Trump. “It was supposed to be a problem with an infectious disease, but that doesn’t make any sense,” the son responded.

A spokesperson for the clinic commented that patients are encouraged to bring items of ‘reasonable size’. These objects should not cause safety or infection problems or interfere with healthcare providers. Gibson’s can’t do much with that explanation. “They shouldn’t interfere with my father’s freedom of speech and expression. That cardboard Trump takes up less space than a garbage can.”


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