Jail Cell Surveillance Video of Epstein´s First Suicide Attempt “No longer Exists”

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The surveillance videos of a first suicide attempt by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in his cell in July were ´accidentally´ permanently erased according to Federal prosecutors. The material was sent to federal investigators and should have been restored last week, but prosecutors said it is the wrong video, the video of Epstein’s New York jail cell when he made his first suicide attempt “no longer exists.”

The New York jail would have kept the wrong footage, according to the NY Times. Also in the backup system, the recordings have not been available since August due to a ´technical error.´ Epstein was found injured in his prison cell in July 2019. According to reports, he fainted on the floor and had spots on his neck. The pedophile sex offender was found dead in his cell in August.

Attorney General William Barr complained about “numerous irregularities” in the institution and a change of management took place. The two guards who had to guard the multimillionaire would have slept the night he died. Instead of checking the prisoner every 30 minutes, they had not done so the night in question for three hours. To disguise that, they would have falsified their work report.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, hired by Epstein’s family, observed the four-hour autopsy of Epstein’s body and told Fox News, that the unusual fractures in Epstein’s neck, as well as other evidence, point more to murder than suicide.    

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