It´s Official NATO Declares Space An ‘Operational Domain’

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At the NATO summit in London, President Donald Trump and the 28 other NATO leaders declared that space would become an ‘operational area’. Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of NATO said: “Today, we took a wide range of important decisions.”. General Jens said, “we have declared space as the fifth operational domain for NATO, alongside land, air, sea, and cyber.” What a surprise! Russian President Vladimir Putin responded quickly by saying that although his government is actually opposed to the militarization of space, the recent establishment of the American Space Command is forcing his country to develop its own military space systems. Rumors are the Chinese are ramping up their efforts as well to militarize space.

President Donald Trump tweeted that ´NATO has now recognized space as an operational domain and the alliance is STRONGER for it. U.S. leadership ensures peace through strength and we must continue to show strength and WIN on all fronts – land, air, sea, and SPACE!´


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