India Pollution Dilemma: Supreme Court Ruling That Forces Government to Take Action

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India has had an ongoing problem with pollution and now the Supreme Court has stated that the world is “laughing at India” due to its air pollution problems. One judge even said “Get explosives in 15 bags and kill them in one go. Why should people suffer like this?”

The court has been cracking down on state and federal governments due to them witnessing failure to change the levels of pollution. Out of the world’s most polluted 30 cities, 22 are in India itself a study carried out by Greenpeace, IQ AirVisual and a Swissbased group that collects air quality data worldwide shows these findings.

Delhi being the most polluted city with Dhaka coming in second. Delhi has been recently recorded “hazardous” air quality. Hitting levels seven times the normal level, a normal level stands at around 25, anything between 0 and 50. The residents and people of Delhi are hoping that some will clear with heavy rainfall. Hopefully in the upcoming days. The worst countries for worst air quality are Bangladesh followed by Pakistan then India. These are based on annual statistics.

Horrendously thick pollution has engulfed areas of Northern India for weeks. The court has ruled that the federal and local governments are responsible for failing to take control of the illegal burning done by farmers. This time of year the farmers burn crop leftovers and clear the fields ready for a new harvest again adding to the awfully high pollution levels.

Not Just the Farmers!

However, it is not just the farmers who are to blame. Industrial and construction emissions have also been a part to play in the chaos. Peoples lifespans are being effected negatively . And Delhi has had reporting that people are suffocating due to the extreme toxic emissions. The neighboring areas and Delhi are filled with high levels of PM 2.5. PM2.5 are fine particles that enters ones bloodstream and causes clotting. Which can lead to fatal heart attacks and other diseases.

Air Purifying Towers and Drones

The Delhi government have been aligned a task to install air purifying towers all around the city. They have to do this within an estimated 10 days. It is being called an ‘Aura’. The project aims to rectify the damage and make the air breathable again to the residents of Delhi. They have the ability to intake the oxygen from 360 degrees. Standing at 18m tall and are able to clean 32 million cubic meters of air everyday. They are also even having drones to be used for cleaning the air. These drones will also be used for security. The name given to them is ‘Aura Hive’.

As of November 2019, residents of Delhi are inhaling 25 times more than the permissible limit. According to research by theWHO (World Health Organisation). They have also stated that a third of the deaths are coming from heart diseases and lung cancer due to the air pollution. It is a serious problem which is effecting innocent lives and life in India.


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