Hundreds of Thousands of Protesters in Hong Kong’s Largest Rally in Months

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Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets on Sunday in Hong Kong. Once again to protest against China’s influence and to demand more democracy. Most of the protesters are dressed in black and shout slogans like ‘freedom for Hong Kong’ and ‘fight for freedom’.

To everyone’s great surprise, the organization of today’s march was given permission to take to the streets last week. In recent months there have been continuous demonstrations for which there was no permission and where confrontations with the police took place. This time the organization had called for a calm protest.

There are also protesters who wave flags from the United States, Taiwan or the United Kingdom. The protesters started their march in Victoria Park and are on their way to the commercial district of Hong Kong.

In the run-up to the march, the police arrested eleven people. The police seized knives, a semi-automatic firearm, fireworks, bullets, bullet-proof jackets, retractable batons and pepper spray.

Since June of this year there have been over 900 demonstrations and other protests in Hong Kong. Nearly 6 000 people were arrested during that period.


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