Hong Kong Schools and Universities Close as Protesters Gather

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The Hong Kong protests are getting more extreme. Schools and Universities are closed the coming days. Multiple universities are even permanently closed for the remainder of 2019. Protesters are now gathering at the universities. Police say the “protestors are out of control”.

The Hong Kong Education Bureau announced on Wednesday that all kindergartens, primary and secondary schools will be closed. Today they announced that this will remain for the rest of the week. Some universities have also cancelled all on-campus lessons for the coming months.

The decision has been made because “Violent protesters have widely damaged society. Other than causing dangerous road conditions, some nanny vans have also been maliciously damaged,” an Education Bureau spokesman said.

The decision was taken because of the continuing disruptions in the public transport services and the many roadblocks. Although there is no teaching, the schools keep their doors open. Teachers have to guarantee the safety of students who do show up, according to the education office.

The agency also calls on demonstrators to stop “all violent and destructive actions” so that all children can go back to school safely. Pupils are asked to stay away from the “danger” and not to participate in “forbidden activities”.


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