Germany Is Now More Skeptical About Huawei And Buying Chinese 5G Technology, The U.S. Has Been Warning Germany For Years

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The German government still distrust the United States’ claim that Huawei has access to a loophole in the telecom networks, but are now beginning to have doubts. The United States had warned European countries about the spying practices of the Chinese technology company Huawei for years.

Huawei is allegedly abusing a built-in backdoor that allows investigative authorities to eavesdrop on telephone and internet traffic. Telecommunications networks should be required by law to provide for this possibility. There are still doubts within the German government as to whether Huawei has abused the alleged back door, report german news authorities. The US warns that Huawei is being used by China to spy on the West. The existence of the back door could be seen as strong circumstantial evidence, a so-called smoking gun. Despite the reports about the back door, the general mistrust of Huawei in Germany has not been dispelled. The country is now skeptical about the use of Chinese equipment in its telecom networks, according to the German news outlet, Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ). China has built up a reputation in recent years by spying in the west.

Chinese 5G technology in Europe

The United Kingdom announced in January that the Chinese telecom manufacturer is not completely banned, but is restricted in its 5G network. More and more European countries follow the Uk’s lead and start to be more skeptical about buying and implementing Chinese 5G tech. Huawei denies all allegations of espionage.


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