George Zimmerman Suing Parents of Trayvon Martin For $100m

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George Zimmerman, who shot the unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012, is now suing the boy’s parents. Zimmerman claims they used a fake witness to get him convicted. He is now suing the parents, their attorney, the US state and others for 100 million dollars.

Furthermore, Zimmerman is also suing the public prosecutor and the two women who allegedly gave a false testimony. Zimmerman was acquitted of murder by a jury in 2013.

Zimmerman was active in community prevention in Sanford, Florida. Martin was on his way home from a supermarket where he had bought some food when Zimmerman addressed him. Eventually, Zimmerman shot Martin. According to him, in self-defense. According to witnesses he was unarmed and not aggressive. However, the jury accepted Zimmerman’s contention that he shot Martin in self-defense, believing his life to be in immediate danger.

Trayvon Martin’s Death was the reason for the Black Lives Matter protest movement. Which has since organized many demonstrations and draws attention to police violence against black people in the United States.


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