DOJ Slams Latest Hoax By Democrats: Lev Parnas’ claims are “100% Fake”

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Rachel Maddow’s latest guest, Lev Parnas, was THE one to finally take out President Trump. Lev Parnas released documents claiming to show “evidence” that Rudy Giuliani ordered him to call Ukrainian President Zelensky and tell him the military aid promised, will not be released until the Ukraine opened an investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Kerri Kupec, DOJ Spokeswoman, responded this morning with: “100% false.”

MSM, like Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC, claimed that it was new information. This is false. The New York Times reported November 4th 2019 that Lev Parnas was already contacting congressional investigators through his lawyers. “But since then, Mr. Parnas has hired new lawyers who contacted the congressional investigators last week to notify them to “direct any future correspondence or communication to us,” according to a copy of the letter.”


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