Dem Primary Update: Bernie Rises, Biden and Elizabeth Collapse, Bloomberg Rises To Be Bernie’s Biggest Threat

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While Dem candidate Bernie Sanders rises in the polls, Dem candidates Biden and Elizabeth Warren drop drastically. Bloomberg is rising as Bernie’s biggest threat.

The latest polling out of the third primary state, Nevada shows that Bernie’s momentum will last at least through South Coralina on February 29. Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar seem to be stuck, they did not manage to attract more national support.

Below are RCP‘s latest polls:

  • Sanders 28.6
  • Biden 17.6
  • Bloomberg 15.9
  • Warren 12.3
  • Buttigieg 10.3
  • Klobuchar 6.6
  • Steyer 2.3
  • Gabbard 1.7

In national polls, Sanders takes a significant lead over the field after Biden’s bad performance in both Iowa and New Hampshire. According to a new Washington Post survey, Sanders now has 32 percent of the Dem vote, while Biden dropped to 16 percent. The Washington Post writes, ‘Biden faces hurdles as he attempts to mount a comeback, with his hopes pinned on success in Nevada and esp in South Carolina, where he had long been the favorite of African American voters who make up a hefty majority of the Dem electorate there.’


The most recent Nevada polls:

  • Sanders 30
  • Biden 16
  • Warren 14.5
  • Buttigieg 12.5
  • Steyer 10.5
  • Klobuchar 9.5

The Nevada caucuses take place this Saturday (Feb. 22).

South Carolina

Biden is still leading in South Carolina according to the most recent polls. Below is the average of the polls as calculated by RCP.

  • Biden 25.5
  • Sanders 21.5
  • Steyer 17
  • Buttigieg 11.5
  • Warren 8
  • Klobuchar 7.5
  • Gabbard 1

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