Dem “Millionaire Problem” Bernie Sanders Barely Takes The Lead In Dem Race to The White House

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By barely winning the primaries in New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders took the lead in the Democratic race to the White House on Tuesday night.

When Sanders stood as a candidate for the 2020 elections in February last year, he was a favorite among the participating Dems. Of all Dem Presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders also raises the most money. In January alone, Sanders raised a staggering 25 million dollars. Until former vice president Joe Biden also stood for election in April. Now, Bernie, is the first of a wide range of Dem candidates for the U.S. presidential election in November. Sanders calls himself a ‘democratic socialist’. The socialist has come a long way but he finally seems to have a shot to push his socialist revolution as a possible contender against President Trump.

Sanders vs Buttigieg

Dem Peter Buttigieg won the chaotic elections in the state of Iowa with 26.2 percent of the votes. Sanders was supported by 26.1 percent of the Dems in Iowa, making him a formidable opponent of Buttigieg. Since 1972, no candidate who did not win either Iowa or New Hampshire has made it to the official Democratic presidential candidate. Since Tuesday, Sanders officially falls within that category. Buttigieg did come out strongly in the polls, ended up in the top two and even seemed to have won the most delegates in front of him with a slight majority, but he is far behind in the national polls.

New Hampshire pre-election results:

Bernie Sanders: 26 percent
Pete Buttigieg: 24 percent
Amy Klobuchar: 20 percent
Elizabeth Warren: 9 percent
Joe Biden: 8 percent
Tom Steyer: 4 percent

“Bernie’s millionaire problem”


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