Crew Members ‘Coronavirus Cruise Ship’ Fear for Their Safety, “This Has Been My Dream Job, But It Has Become A Nightmare”

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Crew members of the cruise ship Diamond Princess complain that way too little is being done to protect them from the new coronavirus.

Onboard the cruise ship off the coast of Japan, passengers are isolated as a precaution and have to stay in their rooms most of the time. Employees complain in the newspaper that they simply have to continue working and are not adequately protected.

“This has been my dream job, but it has become a nightmare,” says an Indian ship’s cook to the Washington Post. Another Indian crew member has posted a video on Facebook asking his government and the UN for help. He wants all crew members to be tested.

“If the passengers are isolated, why not us?”, the cook wonders. Crew members would eat in the same room and also use the same toilets.

A third employee also says he is very worried. “I’m stuck here and I don’t know if I’m gonna get home alive.”

The Japanese Ministry of Health says that the concerns of crew members are well known. They’re already looking at measures to improve the situation on board. The Japanese authorities have confirmed that 10 crew members have the virus: two Ukrainians and eight people from the Philippines.


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