Conservative Veteran’s Group Launching a Multimillion-Dollar Ad Campaign Urging Afghanistan Withdrawal

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A conservative veterans group is launching a multi million-dollar ad campaign in three presidential battleground states Thursday, seeking public support for withdrawing all American troops from Afghanistan. The appeal is organized by Concerned Veterans for America, and is backed by the Koch family.

“Tell Washington it’s time to bring our troops home!” The veterans group demand an end to the United States’ longest war. The ad features five veterans urging voters to demand an end to a “mismanaged war in Afghanistan that our leaders haven’t told the truth about.” The ad campaign is set to air in Wisconsin , Michigan and Pennsylvania, swing states that are probably being targeted based on President Donald Trump’s pledge to end America’s “endless wars.”

CVA Executive Director Nate Anderson, a former Army Green Beret said: “We’ve been engaged for 18 years in Afghanistan.” He continued, “that is an injustice both to the shrinking population of men and women who wear the uniform, willing to put their lives on the line, as well as the American taxpayers who pay the bill for that.”

“The public opinion on this issue shows very clearly that the majority of American people, including veterans, would be supportive of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan,” Nate added.

Recent polling also suggests that military veterans and their families are largely opposed to more military interventions around the world.

The United States currently has about 12,000 troops in Afghanistan.


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