Congo Measles Major Outbreak

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In the Democratic Republic of Congo almost 5,000 people have lost their lives in 2019. Authorities stated that the disease has advanced throughout all areas in the country. Measles has killed more than twice the amount that have died from Ebola in the last year and half.

From January 222,939 cases of measles were reported in all of the 26 provinces. Measles has brought a number of problems and humanitarian crisis. The saddening reality is that all ages are affected, with the younger population being the majority. 74% of those infected are children under the age of five. 90% of the deaths are also children under the age of five. The amount of measles cases has tripled since the past year. UNICEF is vaccinating thousands more children against measles and rushing life-saving medicines to health centres across the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As deaths from the world’s largest measles reach 4,000. 

A spokesman of UNICEF stated: “We’re fighting the measles epidemic on two fronts, preventing infections and preventing deaths.” “Along with the government and key partners, UNICEF has been racing to vaccinate children against measles. At the same time, supplying clinics with medicines that treat symptoms and improve the chance of survival for those already infected.” 


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