“Complete Chaos”: Two Passengers Aboard the Diamond Princess Die From the Coronavirus

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Two passengers, that got infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, have died. Japan’s ministry of health confirmed the two deaths this morning. These are the first deaths on the ship.

Japanese broadcast outlet, NHK, said the two “Diamond Princess” passengers were an 87-year-old man and a 84-year-old woman. The elderly man and woman both had existing pulmonary issues, Japan’s ministry of health said.

Before the quarantine on the ship had ended, the United States evacuated more than 300 Americans and put them in quarantine in the U.S. for another 14 days. South Korea, Australia and Hong Kong evacuated their residents, while Canada and Italy sent flights for their citizens as well.

The majority of people outside China who are infected with the new coronavirus, are on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. More than 600 people on the Diamond Princess have been infected with the new coronavirus. Thursday is the second day that non-infected passengers are allowed to leave the cruise ship after a quarantine period of two weeks.

Total Chaos

A Japanese virologist, who volunteered to help on the ship, yesterday strongly criticized the state of affairs on board. From a medical point of view, it was complete chaos, said Kentaro Iwata on YouTube:

According to Kentaro Iwata, the measures to prevent infections on the cruise ship are completely inadequate. There is no distinction between infection-free zones and zones where individuals may have been infected, he said. “It was a coming and going of people with or without protective clothing on.”


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