China Sends Muslims To ‘Beards And Internet Education Camps’

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China sends Uighurs, a Muslim minority group in China, to what U.S. officials call “concentration camps.” They would do this because of, among other things, wearing beards, clicking on internet links that lead to foreign pages, or because they had online contact with people in other countries.

This would be evidenced by leaked state documents that are in the hands of the BBC. The documents appear to be a Chinese government surveillance report on its citizens leaked from Xinjiang, a region in western China where a mass internment policy has forced up to 2 million Muslims, mostly from the country’s ethnic Uyghur minority into detention.

The documents contain the data of over 3,000 people from the western region of Xinjiang, their daily lives are described and the reasons why they are ‘suspected’. In the detailed document more than 300 Uighurs their personal background would be described, as well as their religious customs and personal relationships with friends, neighbors, and family. Uighurs who where a ‘danger’ had to go to the camp. The reasons for punishment vary widely. For example, a person had to be “re-educated” because he clicked on an internet link and accidentally ended up on a foreign website.

The Chinese Government wants the world to believe this mass job training program is rooting out violent extremism. But several survivors allegedly tell CNN the reality is these camps were crowded, prison-like facilities where inmates were subjected to torture. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, “The so-called concentration camps with 1 million people, are 100% rumors. It is completely fake news.”


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