Chaos Among Dems Causes A Lot Of Laughter At The Trump Camp

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The chaos among Dems causes a lot of laughter at the Trump camp after yesterday’s primary elections where Dems hoped to put forward a suitable candidate to take on President Trump.

The chaos among Dems seems complete, Both Warren and Biden do not yet make it. Now that Biden and Warren are being chased by the extreme-left socialist Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. For many people on the left, it comes as a shock that both Biden and Warren perform mediocre to poorly. Still, it’s no surprise that Bernie Sanders performs well, with his huge base of fanatical supporters it’s not difficult to win the first small states. It might even be possible that we can expect a plutocrat like Bloomberg as a real candidate.

President Trump must have had a big laugh after Tuesday’s primaries in New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, President Trump is continuing his ‘keep America Great’ campaign, partly on twitter.


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