Boris Johnson Warns Vladimir Putin Over ‘Brazen’ Salisbury Attack and Says Russia Needs to End Its “Destabilising” Activities

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson used his first official meeting to warn Russian President Vladimir Putin, pointing him towards the fact that the “British position” in the Skripal case has not changed a bit, he warned him not to “repeat such an attack” on British soil, the Salisbury attack almost killed former spy Sergei Skripal.

The meeting between the two leaders took place at a conference in Berlin to try to find a solution to the Libyan conflict. Johnson told the Kremlin chief on the sidelines of a summit on the Libya crisis in Berlin that ties between Moscow and London would not return to normal until Russia ended its “destabilising” activities.

Russia has repeatedly rejected accusations that officers from its military intelligence agency (GRU) used a powerful nerve agent to poison Skripal in retribution for his work with British and American among other western intelligence agencies. Skripal and his daughter both spent days in a coma but ultimately survived, they are in hiding now.


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