Apple CEO Tim Cook Wants Federal Legislation For Data Privacy

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Tim Cook has called on US politicians to implement legislation for data privacy. Tim Cook thinks that the time is ripe for federal legislation. “Large technology companies themselves do not pay enough attention to data privacy,” he said.

Tim Cook made these statements during an interview with ABC News. In it he says that consumers are rightly skeptical about the data collection behavior of large tech companies. “Collection of personal data has gotten out of hand in recent years.” Consumers have too little control over their personal data in the services they use.

Politicians should act and legislate to better protect consumers’ personal data. Legislation should give consumers a better understanding of what data has been collected from them. But also more control over how to modify or delete it. Cook calls on US politicians to draw up a data-privacy law and implement it nationwide.

Cook also expressed his concerns about Facebook, which has recently come under frequent attack due to privacy concerns. Tim Cook doesn’t think splitting up Facebook is a solution, since it is not clear which problem it solves. Cook argues that more attention should be paid to the data that the social network site collects. Also letting users know how much control they have over their own data.


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