Almost 1 Million French Protesters On the Streets In France

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Strikes and demonstrations in more than 70 places in France are estimated to have mobilized almost a million people. According to the authorities, the turnout in the capital was more than 200,000 protesters.

In a number of places there were riots during the protests. Protesters set fires in Paris, while others threw projectiles at the police. In response, police officers used tear gas. In Nantes, Bordeaux and Rennes there were also riots between protesters and the police. 110 people were arrested throughout the country at least.

It is estimated that seven hundred of these ‘black blocs’ protesters were on the move, according to the local authorities in the capital. In Paris, sixty people have been arrested. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe thanked the trade unions and action groups. The demonstrations went well and turned out to be well organized.

December 5th has been a nationwide strike in France. Public transport was close because of the strikes. Teachers didn’t show up. Hospital staff stayed at home. People are on strike because of President Macron’s pension reform plans. The plan will force people to work longer or face reduced payouts when they retire.

The demonstrations generally took place without major incidents. However, in several places the police clashed with people who during the demonstrations proceeded to plunder, vandalize or provoke the police.


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