According to Iran, Europe is Bowing to ‘High School Bully’ President Trump

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According to Iranian President Hassan Rohani, Germany France and the United Kingdom, are bowing to “high school bully” Donald Trump.

According to Iran, the President of the United States has convinced said countries to take action against Iran, which is probably true. France, Germany and the United Kingdom stepped up the pressure on Iran on Tuesday by implementing a settlement from the 2015 nuclear agreement. The pact, known as the JCPoA, was agreed in 2015 and offered Iran sanctions relief if it curbed its nuclear work. The European countries want to know why Iran is violating the agreement by enriching uranium at a higher level than was agreed. President Trump withdrew from the deal in 2018 and reimposed U.S. sanctions, saying he wanted a tougher deal.

Hassan Rohani, Iran’s leader, said on Thursday that despite the disputes, he would like to continue a dialogue on the preservation of peace. “We work hard every day to prevent armed conflict. Dialogue with the international community is difficult, but it remains possible,” Rohani said.


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